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The Physical Empowerment CIC Team

Physical Empowerment CIC courses are organised and run by a variety of people from various organisations and agencies.


Volunteers are a key part of Physical Empowerment CIC and are usually people who have previously attended a Physical Empowerment course.

Please note that not all of our volunteers are shown on this page, as some need to remain anonymous for safety reasons.

Click on any team member below to find out more about them.

You might also like to watch this video of Physical Empowerment's founder, Philippa Scannell, explaining how and why Physical Empowerment was born. (Please note that the video link takes you to Vimeo's website.)

Honesty and integrity

Equal opportunities




Confidence to think outside the box

Confidence to listen outside the box!

Would you like to be part of Physical Empowerment CIC?

If you think you would be a positive addition to the Physical Empowerment CIC team, then please contact us or check out our Jobs page to see what roles are currently available.

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