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A Trauma Shared

We all hold our trauma close. Feelings of shame and fear cause us to hide it away where no one can see. Surely no one else feels these things we say. The truth is that holding our trauma close makes it bigger until it encompasses our whole life. Over time the trauma becomes bigger and we shrink away. The trauma wins, the perpetrator wins.

When we come together at Physical Empowerment we share our trauma. We bring it out into the light and in doing so we heal.

“Reaching out to people can help you break old patterns, feel your feelings, heal underlying issues and ultimately find more in your life” (Costin 2012)

Woman flexing muscle - women empowerment

There is such a power in learning that we are not alone. Other people feel our pain, other people have experienced what we have. We are not alone and it is not our fault. There is a way out.

When we share our trauma we can learn from the experiences of others, receive advice and referrals. After speaking up I was able to access help not just emotionally but practically. I received support in accessing benefits and medical support that have been essential. By simply opening up to my sisters I could now provide for my children and receive medication to help me cope with day-to-day life. Once those basic worries were taken care of, I could focus outward. My trauma was no longer all encompassing. I was also able to offer support to other women in the group, and in doing so started to feel my own value again.

Woman letting go - empowerment

I can’t tell you what a joy it is to see a woman's face light up when given the opportunity to support her sister. The straightening of the back that says, “I belong, I have value in this world.”

We are not our trauma, We are mothers and daughters and friends. We are warriors and nurturers and providers. We teach and heal as we battle through life. But we need not do it alone. We are a sisterhood.

Carrie Thomas-Brooks (February 2024)

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